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ISO/TS 16949 (2016)  Automotive Quality Management System

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ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Royal Otomotiv 14001.png

ISO 9001 (2015)

Quality Management System

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  • To ensure the continuity of the quality system,

  • To fulfill customer requests and to present products in a timely and error-free manner in line with the competitive and the rapidly developing automotive industry.

  • To raise the efficiency to the highest level by continuously training all our staff in line with the philosophy of continuous improvement,

  • In a way to protect the natural structure of our environment and our working environment; it is based on the principles of ensuring customer satisfaction by performing our business in a timely, correct and high quality manner.


​We are going to;

  • Always fulfill the legal obligations,

  • Ensure that the wastes are minimized at the source, reused or recycled as much as possible, and wastes that cannot be evaluated will be disposed of with appropriate methods,

  • Use energy, raw materials and natural resources efficiently,

  • Minimize health risks,

  • Continuously improve our working environment,

  • Guide our suppliers to whom we purchase products and services on environmental, occupational health and safety issues,

  • Work with our all employees on the principle of continuous improvement.

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